Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Peters K-3 Families,

I am looking forward to yet another exciting year at Peters K-3 Elementary where we strive to prepare all students to become successful and responsible citizens by providing a rigorous and supportive academic experience. Our highly qualified teachers collaborate and plan weekly to ensure students receive the educational experience necessary for life-long success.  Here at Peters K-3 technology is incorporated into daily lessons to enhance student learning by providing the necessary skills our young people will need in tomorrow’s world.

At Peters K-3 we also want all learners to develop the personal skills necessary to achieve life-long success.  Our monthly character strength focus areas help students foster relationship skills by developing empathy and embracing diversity along with learning how to strengthen one’s self-control, integrity, and grit.

As you know, the amount and type of parental involvement plays a critical role in your child’s success.  Parents can get involved in their child’s education by taking an active interest in their learning and volunteering in the PTO, parent education opportunities, fundraisers, and various classroom activities.

Kyle Benham, Peters K-3 Principal

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